Established in 1990, the Cape Bouvard® Winery & Brewery is the only winery or boutique brewery in the Mandurah shire. We are just 20 minutes’ drive south of Mandurah and about one hour south of Perth, just off the Old Coast Road. As the Swan Valley is to Perth, this area is to Mandurah fast becoming the destination of choice for a leisurely day’s outing.

The Cape Bouvard® Winery and Brewery is located on a prime waterfront location on the edge of Lake Clifton – home to unique Thrombolites: living rocks! This is one of only 2 places in WA home to the world’s first life form.

We are surrounded by grassed lawns, set in a grove of large Tuart and Willow Trees on the edge of Yalgorup National Park, where you can enjoy meals from our restaurant whilst taking in the vista.

Our outdoor rotunda (gazebo) is a popular family dining area near the picturesque vineyards which supply us with fruit for wine production. Our beer is brewed on site too!

If it’s cold, sit inside by the log fire and enjoy your meal. You are also welcome to use our wood-fired barbeque.



  • We have heaps of grassed lawns for the kids to play on. Cricket, football, boche, and Frisbee are popular.
  • After lunch, explore Lake Clifton and see to the world’s first life form: Thrombolites. A specially designed viewing platform, only 60 m from our premises, allows you to walk over the top of these fascinating structures and enjoy captivating views of the natural surroundings. Enjoy a relaxing lunch complimented by a glass of our boutique wine or hand-crafted beer.
  • The Cape Bouvard® Winery and Brewery is graced with large stretches of natural bushland which give this part of Australia its rugged beauty. Wide open spaces, clean waterways and untouched parklands are all within easy reach.
  • Enjoy a round of golf at The Cut Golf Course – only about 20 minutes’ drive away – before enjoying a refreshing Cape Bouvard® Blonde Ale.
  • Ask us for a Cape Bouvard® Winery or Brewery tour.



On busier weekends, our grassed lawns host live bands and entertainment.